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Best Snow Pushers for Commercial Accounts -

Yeti Snow Push Box - Cleveland Ohio

Best Skidsteer and Wheel Loader Snow Pushers 

If your tired of spending a fortune on the big brand snow removal equipment from companies that care more about margins than quality and strength we are here for you. Yeti Snow Pushers have quickly become an industry favorite among Landscape and snow removal contractors with small and larger accounts to maintain. This is larger due to the high quality standards our snow push boxes are built to. 

Yeti Snow Pusher Features 

  • Structural Angel Iron Frame-work
  • 2000 Tinsel Premium Rubber Blades
  • 7 gauge formed USA Steel Backboard 
  • Optional- Bolt on Backdrop Blade
  • High Quality 3/4" Steel Wear Shoes 
  • Yeti "Y" Chain eye let for easy securing
  • High Visibility Yellow Paint for Safety Compliance 

Trusted by The Pro's 

Many large snow removal companies across America trust our products on there site for a number of reasons. When you purchase a Yeti Snow Pusher you know that your putting your machine behind an over built box that can withstand all the unexpected forces mother nature throws at you. 

Size and Styles 

Yeti Pushers come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs we have the capability to outfit your skid steer ,backhoe loader and wheel loader.

  • 8' Skid Steer Snow Pusher
  • 10' Skid Steer Snow Pusher
  • 12' Skidsteer Snow Pusher
  • 12' Backhoe Snow Pusher
  • 14' Wheel Loader Snow Pusher
  • 16' Wheel Loader Snow Pusher

Proudly Made in America 

Yeti Snow Pushers and Yeti Snow Products are a Frato Products Inc. brand. We built and source all materials right here in our state of the art facility in Cleveland, Ohio. Built with pride, built to last. Get a quote on your next Best Snow Pusher today. 


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