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Yeti Snow Pushers


$ 3,825.00 $ 5,399.00

Commercial Skid-Steer Snow Pusher

Commercial jobs are bigger, pay more and require more man power. Your going to require a larger snow pusher to save you time and money. Removing snow in larger commercial parking lots becomes easy with the YETI Skid-Steer Snow Pusher.  Shopping centers and mall's become easy to maintain when your using a heavy duty pusher built for long passes across the lot. That's why we designed our larger commercial 12 ft Skid-steer snow pusher too give you all the strength you need.

When building our new 12ft Skid-steer pusher we decided to use a formed angel iron frame. This allows for greater durability throughout the box. It has all the strength needed to continuously push wet, ice filled snow in  your parking lots. This is just one of the many features that make a YETI snow pusher one of the best in the industry. 

Yeti Snow Pusher Features  

  • Formed Angel Iron Frame
  • 36" x 36" Standard panels
  • 1.5" Rubber Blade
  • Heavy Duty Pusher Ski's 

 Product Specifications 

 Item Length Width Height
Skid-Steer Snow Pusher 12' 36" 36"
Ski 42" 5" 3/4" thick
Rubber Blade 12' 8" 1 1/2" thick
Steel Washer for Rubber 12' 2.5" 3/8"
Angel Iron Side Support  23" 2" 2"
Formed Steel Back Board   12' 36" 7 Gage
Side Panel  36"  36" 3/8" thick


Made by Hard Working Americans 

These pushers are made by American's for hard working American's like you. We couldn't be more proud to say that we manufacture our great products in America with a great workforce. Just our way of helping the economy grow. It let's us control our process to ensure it meets our standards. It's not complicated it's just good business.

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