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Yeti Snow Pushers


$ 4,550.00 $ 5,899.00

A Better Backhoe Snow Pusher

Are you looking to cover more ground in less time and increase your bottom line? If your in the snow removal business you've come to the right place. We manufacture large snow removal equipment for professionals like yourself. If you have large parking lots accounts such as shopping centers or strip mall's our 14 ft backhoe pusher will become your favorite attachment. Designed to move heavy snow in less time. 

It's no secrete, we use an angel iron frame for our backhoe snow pusher. It can take the constant pounding that comes along with servicing a large lot for hours on end. With all the strength you need to continuously push tons of snow over a long stretch of parking lot you'll get your money out of a Yeti Pusher. 

Other Yeti Features  

  • Formed Angel Iron Frame
  • 36" x 36" Standard panels
  • 1.5" Rubber Blade
  • Heavy Duty Pusher Ski's 

 Product Specifications 

 Item Length Width Height
Backhoe Snow Pusher 14' 36" 36"
Ski 42" 5" 3/4" thick
Rubber Blade 14' 8" 1 1/2" thick
Steel Washer for Rubber 14' 2.5" 3/8"
Angel Iron Side Support  23" 2" 2"
Formed Steel Back Board   12' 36" 7 Gage
Side Panel  36"  36" 3/8" thick


Made in America 

American made. It's not something you hear often these days but we believe you need to hear it more. It's not complicated it's just good business. Making our products right here helps us ensure we deliver a quality product to all of our customers.

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